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P.O. Box, 180 - Gulu (Uganda), Gulu, Lacor, Uganda
Gulu - Arua Road Gulu Northern Region UG

Hospital type

Private general teaching hospital and an affiliate of Gulu University School of Medicine and the referral hospital for all of northern Uganda and even parts of southern Sudan and N.E. D.R. Congo.

Number of Beds
Hospital Facilities

Clean infrastructure with 6-room O.R. suite, directly adjacent to one of the two large surgery wards and the 10-bed ICU. Radiology department with conventional radiography, fluoroscopy, latest-generation sonography, and two excellent radiologists. O.R.s have basic equipment. No laparoscopy, but state-of-the-art cystoscopy.

Additional Comments

Has two general surgeons, one paediatrician, one internist, two obstetricians/gynaecologists, two radiologists and two anaesthetists. Large staff of interns and medical officers provides the medical care. A visiting surgeon can be most effective by spending his/her time offering advice and assistance to the young Ugandan doctors. Generally the visiting surgeon should not serve as the operating surgeon unless the procedure is too advanced. The two Ugandan surgeons have recently become very busy with administrative duties since their recent assumption of the hospital’s management, so the visiting surgeon can be most useful—and most appreciated—by filling this niche.

Specialties required

The hospital is particularly looking for Anaesthesiologist and Intensive Care specialists (Nurses or Doctors). They do take postgraduate electives in Medicine and Paediatrics but not in the surgery because of issues of litigation


180 miles north of Kampala. A hospital car meets all volunteers at the airport in Entebbe. The car will take you to the hospital’s guesthouse in Kampala to spend the first night, and then transport you the next day to Gulu.


Comfortable guesthouse on the hospital’s campus with private rooms, each with its own bathroom. Accommodation free to medical personnel working at the hospital.

Length of stay

Most general surgeons stay six weeks. Three months is optimal for learning the local and hospital culture and being most effective.

Visa Requirements

A visa is required and more information is available at:

Other Information

Email Dr. Martin Ogwang for more information at: or

Name of contact
Dr. Martin Ogwang (Senior consultant surgeon and Institutional Director)
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