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Makunduchi Hospital, Jambiani, Makunduchi, Tanzania
Unnamed Road Makunduchi Zanzibar Central/South TZ
Hospital type

Makunduchi is located at the south eastern point of Zanzibar and is home to approximately 12,000 people who survive on fishing and farming. It has one primary school and one secondary school. Despite its beauty, Makunduchi sees very little tourist activity compared to other villages on the eastern coast of Zanzibar, such as Jambiani and Paje.

 In 2007, Makunduchi Cottage Hospital was staffed by an Associate Medical Officer, a Clinical Officer, and 13 nurses, but no doctor. Much of the hospital was dilapidated, outpatient services were disorganised, and in-patient bed occupancy was very low indeed. There was no access to blood transfusions or caesarean section. An ambulance and a fuel allowance were provided by the Health Service Fund (Danida) so that critically ill patients could be transferred to the referral hospital in Stone Town a couple of hours away.

HIPZ joined forces with Zanzibar’s Ministry of Health in 2007 in order to strengthen and improve upon the existing infrastructure and healthcare services which are provided by Makunduchi Cottage Hospital and the surrounding Primary Health Care Units (PHCUs). The first step towards achieving these goals and objectives was creating and supporting a strong hospital management team, which now works closely with its staff members, forming a cohesive and functional team. By building a durable and resilient structure for a management team, HIPZ aims to create a lasting and sustainable impact on accessible and adequate healthcare in the southern district of Zanzibar.

Since 2007, Makunduchi Hospital has attained an improved standard of clinical services and facilities including a Primary Healthcare Unit and a Maternity Unit which were built by HIPZ. The hospital now has robust management and financial systems in place along with a functional ambulance service, eye-care service, X-ray and basic ultrasound services and now has the skills required for emergency obstetric care and minor surgeries.

Number of Beds
Hospital Facilities

Currently the medical services provided are largely primary care, basic maternity services and some minor surgery, with the occupancy of its 30 beds for in-patients. The hospital is managed by HIPZ (Health Improvement Project Zanzibar) in partnership with the Ministry of Health and now has a new delivery unit with the capability to perform Caeserian sections and deliver emergency Obstetric care, as well as a 24-hour ambulance collection service.

Additional Comments

Two consultant surgeons from the UK have worked for many years in Zanzibar and Tanzania and are currently involved in a project to support and improve the services to this hospital. They have established a comprehensive obstetric service including provision for caesarean sections, in addition to renovating all hospital wards and the operating theatre, establishing a blood transfusion service, building a new maternity unit and training numerous staff.

Specialties required

Doctors or surgeons of any specialty are welcome – however we generally require visiting health professionals to be able to stay for a period of 6 months or more. Obstetric, Paediatric, General Surgery and GP experience are particularly useful. Midwives able to work for a period of 6 months would also be extremely helpful.


The hospital is located about an hour and a half from the main airport in Zanzibar. Flights or ferry from Dar es Salaam to Zanzibar are very frequent.


Accommodation can be arranged by HIPZ.

Length of stay

Length of stay will largely depend on the visitor, but best if doctors can stay for at least 6 months.

Visa Requirements

A visa is required and information can be found at:

Other Information

Email: Roma Walker at

Name of contact
Roma Walker
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