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medical education and care in African countries.
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Founded in December 2006 by Ruth Markus, in memory of her only child Alex.  AMECA is committed to healthcare delivery, training healthcare professionals and to healthcare education in sub-Saharan African countries, through sustainable initiatives. O[...] Read More ▶

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About Alex By the age of 23, Alex was a junior doctor, a British Army officer and a qualified paratrooper. “Life was very much up for grabs for Alex and I doubt if I will ever know anyone else who made as much of his time as he did. The huge amount[...] Read More ▶

Alex Coutselos
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04 Jun 2018

May 8th saw the first birthday for The AMECA Clinic at Chilaweni……….. these last 2 months saw the donation of bicycle ambulances from Epsom Rotary, medical donations from our lovely Dutch colleagues, numerous meetings with Central and District Departments of Health, progression of the maternity needs assessment and a celebratory BBQ with hospital staff, the […] Read More ▶

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